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Please send your letter/email to

Chris Beaton (environmental manager)

The Mayor, Logan Howlett


and make sure you CC in as a matter of priority;


Some points:

- For the community to properly consider this proposal and for the City of Cockburn to conduct necessary due diligence, we are requesting a 6-month immediate moratorium on all decisions by the City and the Council regarding this proposal.

- There is a lack of balance to the proposal, both in terms of balancing community access with the protection of an ecologically fragile and significant area, and in terms of ensuring equitable and enjoyable access to the park for all residents of the Cockburn Community be they 9 or 90.

- Manning Park (Spearwood) Ridge is a Bush Forever 247 site and is an area of profound ecological significance, home to rare and threatened flora and fauna. Most of these ecosystems that formerly flourished in the metropolitan area have now been largely destroyed by mining or development. Thus, the ecological and community value of Manning Ridge cannot be overestimated:

o forage habitat of Endangered Carnaby Cockatoos, especially the protected Parrot Bush (Banksia sessilis) which occurs over much of the ridge

o Protected Tuart Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain that occurs over a smaller area of Manning Ridge – Threatened Ecological Community

o Limestone heath (Melaleuca shrublands) which occurs in large areas of Manning Ridge - Threatened Ecological Community

- The proposal has little regard for other users of the area, such as dog walkers, families, runners, people with disability, the elderly, nature lovers and bird watchers. As such, the proposal shuts out most of the local community.

- Current unsanctioned trails need to be remediated and revegetated as a matter of urgency. Illegally constructed trails are ecologically damaging and hazardous to park users, and should not be used as justification by the City for the proposed mass expansion of mountain bike trails.

- A lack of due diligence by the City of Cockburn:

o Limited community consultation, outside of a single interest group.

o Limited consultation with Indigenous and Heritage groups

o Short time frame for feedback and submissions.

o Little to no external Environmental Impact Assessment.

o Lack of transparency in the ongoing cost to ratepayers for construction and maintenance.

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