Over 100 people attend A Community Conversation hosted by FoMPR

In October, FoMPR hosted a one off Community Conversation on a Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful afternoon, with over 100 people in attendance. We heard from:

- Professor Kingsley Dixon - world renowned botanist and ecologist

- Cate Tauss - WA’s foremost expert on the ecology of Manning Park Ridge

- Dr. Hugh Finn - Environmental Lawyer

- Dr, Eddy Wajon - former State President of the Wildflower Society

We are heartened at the community commitment and support to protect our wonderful Manning Ridge. Big thankyou also to - friends members - Diana Rose and Jenny Archibald for all the yummy food and provision of tea and such ! And huge thankyou to APACE nurseries and Darnell Luke for the generous donation of 100 beautiful kangaroo paws, alongside two special planty prizes!

Many asked - what to do next? Please pm or email us if you would like to join our group


Please sign our PETITION, which is going to the Legislative Assembly - asking for formal, conservation appropriate, protection of this Bush Forever site. And stay in touch - stay a part of the conversation, email/ message us any ideas, or just run with them yourselves, join our group, and never stop emailing the councillors and the City, telling them you want Manning Park Ridge protected as a conservation reserve, where the only permissible actions are conservation and passive recreation. Thanks again for being a wonderful community and Stay in Touch.

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